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Benefits of being in the Electrical field:

  • This program is governed by the State of California and/or the Federal Standards and Program Rules and Regulations
  • Length of the program is four and a half years - 8,000 on-the-job training hours
  • Classes will meet in two-week tracks
  • 8 hours a day for two consecutive weeks every four to six months, for a total of 80 hours per semester, 160 hours per year
  • Program is overseen by the ABC So-Cal Merit Training Trust and the Electrical Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee
  • Applicants must meet eligibility requirements as outlined on the "Apprenticeship" page.

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Electrician Skills

Electricians read blueprints to install electrical systems in factories, office buildings, homes, and other structures.  They also install coaxial cable for television or fiber optic cable for computers and telecommunications equipment.  Electricians who specialize in residential work install wire and hardware like electrical panel boxes, receptacles, light switches, and electrical light fixtures or replace outdated fuse boxes.  Those who work in large factories as commercial electricians install or repair motors, transformers, generators, or electronics controllers on machine tools and industrial robots.  They use numerous hand tools, operate power tools, and use electric testing meters.

Electricians must use their athletic capabilities.  Eye-hand coordination, manual dexterity, and physical balance are important for climbing ladders or operating power tools.  Thanks to safety training programs, employers have greatly reduced accidents on the job.  Electricians work outdoors and indoors – working closely with other trades.

For more skill definition http://online.onetcenter.org/link/summary/47-2111.00

Electrician Career Facts

  • Today, government and private studies confirm the shortage of skilled Electricians nationwide.
  • Nationwide, there were approximately 575,000 Electricians in the 1996 census.
  • Factoring in retirement, job changes, Electricians entering construction management or business ownership, it is easy to see the growing need for skilled Electricians.
  • Future career path opportunities include jobs as estimator, distribution manager, inspector, project manager, trade instructor, foreman, and more…
  • Construction is one of the few industries where an individual can still own his or her own business.


Electrician Quality of Life

  • Electricians can build a financially rewarding future and experience an exciting career.
  • Job satisfaction - It is rewarding to see your skills in a finished structure.
  • Job security - High skills are in high demand.
  • Low stress - Job requirements produce less mental stress.
  • Physical exercise - Maintains a healthy body.
  • Hours of employment - Usually weekends and evening are free for recreation.
  • Unlimited earning power in an unlimited construction career path.
  • Trade skills can save you thousands of dollars building or remodeling a home.