This is a great link for questions regarding filling out the registration form and SS form http://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/ECU/ECUCertforms.htm

Effective June 1, 2014 the State Certification Exam will be based on the 2011 NEC book. Exam Prep courses that begin on or after June 1, 2014 will be taught using the 2011 NEC book.
For more information on Electrician Certification, visit the DAS website at  http://www.dir.ca.gov/das/ElectricalTrade.htm 
Visit the DAS website for information regarding electrical certification and all necessary forms.  

NEC Review Class for Certification Test Prep (note - the class is typically run 4 times a year - see flyer below for 2014 dates)
ABC offers a 4 session NEC Review for Electrical Certification test preparation class that has been very successful in helping journeymen pass their exam. Please check the 
Calendar/Registration for the next scheduled class.  View the class flyer here.

Regarding Continuing Education
There is a lot of confusion about WHO can deliver the mandatory 32-hours of Continuing Education courses to Certified Electricians needing to renew their Certification.  Make sure you are taking classes that the State of California will accept.  This is serious.  You can't afford to be wrong!

1) If your company has a person on staff offering to deliver Continuing Education courses to your employees… and that person does not meet the requirement(s) of Regulation 290.1, the hours will not qualify towards State renewal.

2) If a person/entity(s) solicits your company to deliver Continuing Education courses to your employees… and that person/entity does not meet the requirement(s) of Regulation 290.1, the hours will not qualify towards State renewal.  

Regulation 290.1 states: 
Chapter 2. California Apprenticeship Council  - Subchapter 4. Electrician Certification
§290.1. Definitions -

“Educational Provider is a community college or public school district or public educational institution, or a state-licensed private post-secondary institution under contract with a public educational institution, community college or public school district, or a private postsecondary educational institution approved or registered by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.”

There are NO exceptions to the regulation…not even OSHA training through a certified individual will qualify unless the course is provided through a State recognized “Education Provider”.

ABC So-Cal is a State recognized Educational Provider.

The Division of Apprenticeship Standards recently revised the certification renewal application form to include instructions to attach Certificate(s) of Completion for the required 32 hours of continuing education completed by the applicant.  ABC students will be provided with the proper paperwork to submit to the State.

Under Labor Code §§ 3099 and 3099.5, workers that perform work for electrical contractors with Class C-10 licenses must become certified in order to continue working in California without one-on-one supervision. Uncertified persons may not perform regulated electrical work.

Holders of Class C-10 electrical contractor licenses, who are working under the license, do not need to be certified, but their employees do. An electrician with a C-10 license working under someone else must also be certified. Certification is not required for persons performing work for contractors licensed as Class C-7 low voltage systems or Class C-45 electric sign contractors, as long as the work performed is within the scope of work for those licenses.

To become certified, an electrician must pass a computerized certification examination and have completed either an approved apprenticeship program or have the required number of hours of on-the-job experience. Certification must be renewed every three (3) years. To be eligible for renewal, an applicant must have completed 32 hours of continuing education and have worked 2,000 hours as an electrician during those three years.

An applicant may apply for certification as a “General Electrician,” “Residential Electrician,” “Voice Data Video Technician,” “Fire/Life Safety Technician,” or “Nonresidential Lighting Technician.” Each of the different certification categories contains different requirements. A “General Electrician” requires 8,000 hours of prior experience working for an electrical contractor, while a “Residential Electrician” requires 4,800 hours of prior work experience. On the other hand, a Nonresidential Lighting Technician only requires 2,000 hours of prior work experience. Information and applications are available at www.dir.ca.gov/das/  -click the link for “Electrician Certification.”

Those workers who do not yet have the necessary hours of electrical experience to sit for the certification exam must either be registered apprentices or registered with the state as an “Electrical Trainee.” Apprentices who attend school as part of their training are exempt from certification until they graduate. Electrical Trainees must be enrolled in a state-approved school, register annually as an electrician trainee with the DAS and be supervised by a certified electrician (one-on-one) on the job. Electrical Trainees must complete 150 hours of classroom training until they acquire sufficient work hours to sit for the certification exam.

The consequences of employing a worker that is not certified or enrolled in an apprenticeship or electrician training program are potentially serious. If an owner or other employer allows an uncertified electrician on a project, it could possibly be liable for negligence, breach of contract, or unfair competition, and face adverse contractors’ license, OSHA, insurance and/or public relations consequences. See excerpt from Assembly Bill 3048 regarding possible consequences to the employer.

Electrician Certification Enforcement - January 01, 2009
Governor Schwarzenegger has approved two (2) bills to bring Electrician Certification Enforcement to the State of California effective January 01, 2009. 

Stay informed: Assembly Bill 3048 Excerpt – Section 1. Section 3099.2 of the Labor Code.  Full viewing of Assembly Bill 3048 and Senate Bill 1362 - Margett .

ABC So-Cal Electrician Certification Trainee Program
Classes are available to ABC member contractors. To assist in understanding how our Electrician Certification Trainee Program is structured, please see the Electrical Apprenticeship / Electrician Certification 
Program Comparison document.  For any additional information, contact Christina Olney at the ABC office or visit the DAS website

Electrician Trainee Guide - Advisory Task Force Document                    Electrician Certification Curricula 

Voice Data Video Technician and Non-residential Lighting Technician
The California Apprenticeship Council has extended the certification date for candidates who are applying for the Voice Data Video Technician and Non-residential Lighting Technician examinations. The new deadline to pass the examination and become certified has been extended until December 31, 2008.  To download the application,
click here.

For specific certification information and renewal questions, please contact Electrician Certification Manager:

Division of Apprenticeship Standards
Electrician Certification Unit
(415) 703-4919