Basic Compliance

What are the DAS 140 & 142 forms?
  • The DAS 140 & 142 forms are required by the State whenever a contractor is awarded a public works project. The DAS 140 is to announce that the project has been awarded and the DAS 142 is to request apprentices. The DAS 140 & 142 forms must be sent to all apprenticeship programs covering the area where the job is located unless a contractor is a member of the union, ABC, or another Merit Shop association. Forms can be submitted to our office by fax to 714-463-1709 or by email to
What is the requirement for apprentices on the job?
  • There must be at least one (1) apprentice hour worked for every five (5) journeyman hours worked. If you request apprentices from all programs, both union and Merit Shop, and do not receive any apprentices, you have met the requirement and do not need apprentices on the job.
How many apprentices can I have on the job?
  • A contractor can have up to one (1) apprentice for every one (1) journeyman.
My journeyman called out sick, can I still work my apprentice?
  • Only if there is a journeyman on the project that can monitor the apprentice that is not already monitoring an apprentice. Journeyman can only monitor one (1) apprentice at a time.
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Apprentice Intake

What are the requirements to enter the program?
  • A potential applicant at least 17 ½ years of age must fill out an application and turn it in with the following:
    • Copy of Driver’s License
    • Copy of Social Security Card
    • Copy of High School Diploma or GED
    • Sealed Official High School or College Transcripts showing the applicant completed algebra 1
    • DMV H-6 Printout showing a valid driver’s license
How long does it take to get into the program?
  • This varies by trade as some trades do have a wait list. Applicants applying for a trade without a wait list will be brought in during the next intake. To find out when the next intake will be held, contact Erika Eloisa at
I have an employee I would like in the program, how does sponsorship work?
  • The applicant must turn in the application and all requirements and should let the Training Assistant know they are being sponsored. The training assistant will confirm with the sponsoring contractor.
I am trying to sponsor an employee into the apprenticeship program, but ABC SoCal is not doing intake. Why is that?
  • ABC SoCal cannot do intake for sponsored and non-sponsored apprentices if there is a high volume of apprentices on the out of work list.
I am sponsoring in an employee, when can I begin working him/her as an apprentice?
  • The first business day after their orientation.
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How do I request apprentices?
  • You must fill out the ABC SoCal apprentice request form (different from the DAS 142) and send it to the dispatcher.
What information needs to be filled out on the request form?
  • In order to receive apprentices in a timely manner, the request form needs to be filled out completely.
Do I have to accept every apprentice?
  • No, you may pass on a potential and receive the next available apprentice as long as there are additional apprentices available.
What happens if there are no apprentices available?
  • If there are no apprentices available, the dispatcher will notify you in writing. You will then have to send the DAS 142 form to all programs, both union and Merit Shop, that cover the area of the project. If you do not receive any apprentices, you have met the requirement and do not need apprentices on the job.
Do apprentices have to accept every dispatch?
  • No. Apprentices can decline jobs that are outside of there maximum drive time and/or jobs that are a short call.
What is the maximum drive time?
  • Two (2) hours each way.
Can apprentices choose to drive over the maximum drive time?
  • Yes
What is a short call?
  • A dispatch lasting less than thirty (30) days.
Who does the apprentice contact at my company when they are dispatched?
  • The apprentice will contact the name and number you have provided on the request form.
How will I know what to pay the apprentice?
  • The apprentice will make the apprentice prevailing wages tied to the specific project they are working on.
The project has ended, but I want to keep the apprentice. Can I do that?
  • Absolutely
I no longer need the apprentice, how do I return him/her to ABC SoCal?
  • Fill out the apprentice release form and send it to our dispatcher.
What is the apprentice release form and who should fill it out?
  • The apprentice release form lets ABC SoCal know that you are releasing the apprentice and there is a short evaluation to fill out on the apprentice’s performance. Someone who worked with the apprentice should fill out the evaluation. If you choose to not re-hire the apprentice, the comments section needs to indicate why you would not want this apprentice working for you.
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OJT Hours

What are the OJT hour requirements for each apprentice program?
  • Electrical – 8,000
  • Plumbing – 7,200
  • Sheet Metal – 6,500
  • Low Voltage – 4,800
Who is responsible for submitting the monthly record OJT hours sheets and copies of paycheck stubs to ABC SoCal?
  • The apprentice is responsible for submitting their hours monthly.
How will I know when an apprentice completes his/her hours?
  • The OJT administrator will notify you.
Will ABC SoCal notify me when my apprentice(s) are due for a pay upgrade?
  • ABC SoCal will not notify you. It is the contractor’s responsibility to monitor the apprentice’s hours and give upgrades when necessary.
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When do apprentices attend school?
  • Electrical apprentices attend school every four to six months for two weeks straight. Their schooling is held during the day for eight hours per day. They do not work during this time.
  • Plumbing, Sheet Metal and Low Voltage apprentices attend class one night a week for four hours. The first semester is from July – December and the second semester is from January – May.
My Electrical apprentice has class coming up, but I desperately need him/her on the jobsite. What do I do?
  • Contact the Education Coordinator.
How many absences are apprentices allowed per semester?
  • Students are allowed two absences per semester and they must be made up at the first available make-up day.
What happens if they exceed their maximum absences allowed?
  • They will have to repeat the semester and could face disciplinary action.
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Wages - State

How do I know which wage determination to use for the various projects I am working?
  • Determining apprentice wages is the same as with the Journeyman. You will use whatever wage determination was in effect when the job was advertised for bid.
How long do I use that determination?
  • For the life of the project.
Why is there an expiration date and what does it mean?
  • An expiration date means that there are increases associated with the determination. If the increase is not listed, contact the DIR to determine how much the increase is and where it gets applied.
How do I determine which period my apprentice falls under?
  • Once you hire an apprentice, the dispatcher will send you copies of their apprentice agreements and their total OJT to date. By using their total OJT to date, you will match it up with the periods on the wage determination to determined what period the apprentice is.
How will I know when the apprentice needs to be moved up to the next period?
  • It is the contractor’s responsibility to monitor the apprentice’s hours and apply pay upgrades when necessary.
The determination shows a pre-determined pay increase for Journeyman, how do I know if there is one for the apprentice and how do I calculate the amount?
  • Contact the DIR to find out if an increase has been applied to the apprentice wage.
What is the difference between the basic rate and the total package?
  • The total package includes the fringe payments. The basic rate is the minimum that should be taxed and paid to the apprentice.
What fringes need to be removed from the apprentice’s paycheck and who do I make those payments to?
  • ABC SoCal requires the training contributions and the health and welfare contribution. Training contributions are paid to ABC SoCal and the health and welfare contribution is paid to our third party administrator, PolyComp.
Are fringes part of the taxable income?
  • All fringes are to be deducted pre tax.
The training contribution amount on the wage determination is different from ABC SoCal’s minimum, how do I know which amount to pay?
  • ABC SoCal’s minimum is $0.90 per hour or whichever is higher. Forms can be located here.
The health and welfare amount on the wage determination is different from ABC SoCal’s amount, how do I know which amount to pay?
  • The current health and welfare amount is $6.17 per hour and that is what you are required to pay. Forms can be located here.
How do I calculate overtime pay?
  • Overtime is typically calculated at time and a half, but not always. Check your contract and/or talk to your GC to confirm.
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Wages - Private

Where can I find the private wages for apprentices?
  • The wages can be located on our website under the Subscribing Employer tab. If an apprentice is working in a county not covered by our chapter, you can locate directions on how to calculate the wage on our website under the Notice of Understanding.